Hi! I’m Lynne.  The world is a crazy place and getting crazier by the minute, but I still want to visit all the places!  Travel has made me a more curious person, and each new place I visit makes me want to see and experience and learn even more. In particular, I enjoy seeking out those unique and lesser-known destinations and attractions that always surprise you when you find them, and I look forward to sharing some of these interesting places with you.

My husband and I love boats, playing pool, and testing out craft breweries, so you’ll probably see me talk a lot about all of that in the journeys I highlight as well.  We also enjoy a good road trip, so this blog will not be limited to NYC by any means! And if you can’t physically travel right now, you can join me vicariously as I travel through books!

All the thoughts and photos included in this blog are my own.

Thanks for joining me!